LIVE: Handsome Johnny

12/04/2019 - Muziekcafé Clouso, Meppel

Handsome Johnny: Alternative Roots / Americana

A state of mind called Handsome Johnny

Downtown adventure waits for you
Where neon lights shine bright,
A story yet to be unfold
Of lone wolves in the night
The music heard, will lift you up
You'll fly out through the sky
Dance among the silver stars
And time will pass you by
The lyrics rhyme, their pretty tales
While guided by the band
A tune for every mood, to sing,
To make you understand

There’ll always be a new town
There’ll always be a new song
To the road of endless miles

Mark van Dijk: Singer, Guitar & Bluesharp
Coos van de Klundert: Lead guitar
Willem Schwaner: Drums
Thijs Bierens: (Double)-bass

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